Different options to suit your needs .


Sales models

Every detail, meticulously recreated. A visually impacting way to feature your project, sales models depict every color, railing, surface material. Usually equipped with custom lighting, fully detailed vehicles and people.   

Study models 

With subtle color palettes, Study Models are a volumetric representation of buildings and streetscapes. Materials include translucent acrylics, wood, veneer and glass. Study Models can also be equipped with lighting.

Interior Models

Interior models are used to display floor plans and possible furniture layouts. They can be fully detailed or monochromatic. If you want the best of both worlds, interior models can also have fully detailed exteriors and lighting.

Hand crafting meets high technology.


The quintessential tools of a model maker are the Exacto knife, a ruler and glue. At ASM we also have at our disposal laser cutters, photo etching processes and 3D printers. The combination of traditional tools and hand crafting combined with high technology creates a product that is accurate, highly detailed and aesthetically pleasing. Most of our models are equipped with fully customizable and programmable LED lighting technology. ASM Scale models are visually impacting and an essential addition to any sales center. 



Every Palm tree, bush and flower


Landscaping done well will bring a scale model to life and compliments its  design. Trees, shrubs  and grasses  are carefully selected according to the region and part of the world the project is located in. All plant life is handcrafted down to every flower and vine and colors are precisely selected according to the type of plant.



Color and Texture


We engrave, paint and texturize every part of our scale models to accurately depict all materials and hard surfaces used in the design. Concrete glass and brick are recreated by paying close attention to color, sheen and surface texture.